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San Jose del Cabo -The history of San Jose del Cabo is long and full of good characters.

Founded in the 1730s, the Jesuits built our beautiful mission located in the heart of the town a few steps from our plaza main square, where families gather for social, cultural, and religious activities, and where locals and tourists share the space to enjoy. Art is presented by local artists every Thursday night during the Art Walk, over 60 artists expressing their art, soul and love for this land.

The Pericue were the Indian tribes established in the region before the Spaniards arrived in the 1500’s. These ethnic groups, lived in the wild, close to where water was found, or up in the mountains and practiced hunting and fishing. When the missionaries arrived, they were taught how to do agriculture and the use tools.

The first mission was built near the estuary, in San Jose del Cabo. The estuary is a body of water located a walking distance from El Encanto, surrounded by thousands of palms trees and over 200 species of birds. Tour guides are available upon request.

The missionaries tried to convert the Pericues on to Christianity not being successful because they practiced polygamy and refused to obey the Jesuits and convert to monogamy.

If you visit the San Jose Mission by the plaza, or take a tour, you will find a ceramic hand painted and the entrance of the mission, showing the act were the Indians killed the Padre Tamaral who was in charge of the mission at the time.

You will be given the complete story of the tribes that were exterminated due to the epidemic brought by the Spaniards such as measles and other diseases.

The Spaniards that arrived in San Jose del Cabo made an official stop at the estuary to refill their water containers and also look for gold. Many of the crew members who arrived during that era, arrived in big ships, including the Noa from China, that traveled from the Philippines to the mainland bringing, spices, silk, and other items, exchanging for gold. Many of  the crew decided to abandon their ship because they fell in love with a native or simply to stay in our paradise. It was the land of pirates who came after the big ships to steal the load of treasure, the legend says there is pirate blood in many of the locals, including the owner Blanca Pedrin who is 5th generation, also, many of the ancestors came from England, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, Spain that is why many of the locals have last names such Pedrini, Holmes, Kennedy, Collins, Green, Logan, Smith with a strong characteristics and features different to the rest of Mexico.

We take a big pride and honor to be born in this paradise, part of the beautiful pristine land which now has become the home of many we share with you as our guest.

Mi casa es tu casa.

There is almost 300 years of history in our town. Today our town has become one of the finest resort destinations, national and international. Here you will find the most sophisticated hotels, spas, restaurants, golf courses and great fishing spots. You will also enjoy our beautiful art district with over 16 galleries, located in the heart of a colonial historic mexican town, San Jose del Cabo. Enjoy the best dining, where you will find the farm-to-table in some of our local restaurant and artists located in the beautiful plaza, where families and tourist become one