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The word “fiesta” comes from the Latin festum, plural of festa: which literally means FIESTA. And that’s what Mexico is about, a party of colors, textures, scent and flavors.

In Cascabel, Our Chef Camilo Huerta use the perfect combination of the primordial ingredients; with the traditional techniques used from generation to generation, to express its modern concept in each of its dishes. Transmitting a sensation of exquisiteness and admiration towards the Mexican culture for all its guests, resulting in a unique gastronomic experience for your palate.

Worth noting; that Mexican cuisine has received an important appointment by UNESCO as “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” for its indisputable and abundant cultural heritage.

Here at Cascabel, we aim to reinvent the flavor of traditional cuisine by integrating the flavors, colors and indisputable flavors for all diners seeking to engage in a rich experience full of history and gastronomic delights, Cascabel has another important task apart from satisfying your palate :

Transmit positive energy and make “la Baja”, make you feel at home.


In addition to its exquisite dishes, Cascabel has the honor of presenting a 100% Mexican product, which comes from the dream of a family from Tequila, Jalisco, producing a tequila with a unique flavor and limited edition; for being a distinguished artisan tequila. It is called SAITE Noble Corazón, with different types of liqueurs flavor: coffee, mango and almond, with 18% alcohol, for all types of palates and ranges from a white, reposado or añejo, and extra añejo with 40% alcohol.

Begin your visit experiencing the flavors of our Mexico with a tasting of this great handmade product, the TEQUILA !.